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The lotus of the heart – realization stories-I

Gayatri Majumdar

The essays in the book are from a pen that is at its introspective best. Gayatri draws upon the vast treasures of her reading myriad divine texts and aligns her own experiences with the precious lessons they hold. Her writing is entirely decipherable, even to the uninitiated reader.

Its fulcrum is the process of looking inward. These are realisation stories that happen at unexpected bends of life. Just as much on busy streets amidst bright lights as in the inner sanctum of an ancient monument by the light of a solitary diya. They are relatable experiences, yet unique to Gayatri because they spell the definitives of her journey. She also weaves in the solitary ness and isolation that this pandemic has evoked. A rampant virus, an uncontrollable pandemic and a single soul out on its quest for the true meaning of life come together beautifully and evocatively in this series of essays. These are depictions of her sincere contemplative processes

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