brown critique

July 2011

In memoriam of those who perished on 4 June 1989 on Tiananmen Square. An accidental cross-examination with the Chinese exile author Ma Jian, who dares to remember China’s past in his novel “Beijing Coma.”

May 2011

everything is in the words

like twisting the night into spools of time. sometimes I am quiet like the made bed, waiting for the weight of arms and legs and backs, and at others I am the dinner tray, wine and clams and reluctant poinsettias, set for dining. but all the while the television set threatens to burst into life.

October 2010

Untying the text I find
Laconic hieroglyphs of hysteria
Always already imbricated
In the lines and bylines
Of power/knowledge.
Fumbling for Foucault
I fall into the furnace
Of discourse from which
The Delphic doodles
Of Derrida rescue me:

September 2010

I shook the door a little but the metallic grating made my teeth wince. The 19th century colonial powers raised in the outskirts of the cities’ massive prisons with the same care and thoroughness they built their governors’ mansions. In their days too, the Hastings prison had a record of escape twice a week.

August 2010

We shall meet again, in Srinagar,
by the gate of the Villa of Peace,
our hands blossoming into fists
till the soldiers return the keys
and disappear. Again we’ll enter
our last world, the first that vanished